Why Printing Calculators Still Have Practical Purpose

Posted by Kyle Friedrich on Feb 20, 2020 9:08:09 AM

In an age of computer spreadsheets and desktop calculators, one might wonder why the need for printing calculators still exists. However, a great number of financial institutions, accountants, and tax professionals still use these machines daily. Printing calculators offer several benefits over regular calculators, along with the ease of computing a lengthy tally of numbers without having to create a spreadsheet for a single equation. 

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Accuracy & Verification

The main benefit of a printing calculator is that it gives users the ability to review and verify their calculations. After a long string of adding and subtracting numbers, you'll want to go back and check that everything was entered correctly. Rather than doing the math a second time to double-check, a printing calculator allows you to compare your entries against the numbers you are working with. These printouts can then be removed and stored with your records as proof of accuracy.

Ease of Use

A printing calculator has larger buttons than a typical desktop or pocket calculator. This makes it easier to type quickly without the inaccuracy of accidentally pressing the wrong key. A larger viewing display also makes the numbers easier to read at a glance.

VCT_PL8000_LGrand Total & Financial Features

Most printing calculators have a "Grand Total" function. This allows the calculator to add the sum of previous totals calculated. Such a feature can be very useful in situations where one must calculate several lists of figures and then add the net result together. A practical example of this could be found with tax return forms, where one must calculate income by category before combining those numbers to find the total annual income. 

Many printing calculator models offer additional features that are useful to business professionals. Several models have the ability to compute loan calculations. Others may also offer a Cost-Sell-Margin feature - simply enter two of the numbers to get the third, without having to do the math yourself. 



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